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hippy shit. champ. the simpsons.

Eat rite or don’t eat at all.

Champ big time strange brew fan eh.

Champ big time strange brew fan eh.


—Reverberation #115


Reverberation #115
1. Mathew Lee Cothran and Delaney Mills - Better Off Alone (Alice Deejay)
2. Lemon Fog - Summer
3. June - Lucite
4. Summer - Dreamer
5. Maroon Commandos - Bi Sophia No. 1
6. Karl Peinkofer Percussion Ensemble - Vier Stücke für Xylophon
7. Thee Dang Dangs - Dust In The Mojave
8. Sandy Bull - Last Date
9. Plains - Run Your Grace 
10. The Molochs - There Was A Time
11. Wet & Reckless - Best Night
12. The Ray-Tones - The Last One

Consider the daffodil. And while you’re doing that, I’ll be over here going through your stuff.

—Jack Handey (via judgemyname)